About us

Suchanová Mečl Legal focuses primarily on criminal law, namely economic and tax crime, cybercrime, criminal analysis of contractual relations, business related cases and acquisitions, criminal liability of legal entities along with the related areas regarding Compliance, Corporate Governance, preventative law and internal investigation.

We provide support in civil and commercial law, property rights, restitutions, inheritance law, protection of personality rights, labour law and the law of intellectual property. In addition to that, we have extensive experience in international family and divorce law. 


We share an aligned approach to the practice of law based on close cooperation with clients and our pursuit for the optimal solution to their matters. We also share a strong sense of social responsibility and have experience in legal cases overlapping across different branches of law. Furthermore, we feel that contemporary art is in need of support and we believe in a more enhanced interaction between the world of law and art.


Our team includes legal specialists and professionals with unique experience and expertise.