We offer legal services in the following fields and sectors:


Criminal Law / White Collar Crime / Economic Crime / Tax Crimes / Corruption and Crimes Committed by Officials / Criminal Liability of Legal Entities / Compliance, Corporate Governance, and Prevention / Internal Investigation / Money Laundering / Cybercrime / Criminal Offences against the Environment / Criminal Analyses of Contractual Relations, Commercial Cases and Acquisitions


Commercial Law / Corporate Law and Due Diligence / Civil Law / Law of Contracts / Family Law / Marriage, Divorce, and Parental Responsibility in the international perspective / Competition / Consumer Protection / Restitution of the Title to Property / Canonical Law / International Private Law / Real Estate / Law of Intellectual Property / Copyright, Licence Contracts, Patent Law / Labour Law / Free Access to Confidential Information and GDPR / Protection of Personal Rights / Insolvency Law / Immigration Law and Law on Foreigners / Construction Law


Defence in criminal proceedings / Legal representation in criminal proceedings / Legal representation in civil, status, commercial, and employment proceedings / Legal representation in arbitral proceedings / Legal representation in proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic / Legal advice for mediation / Legal representation in disciplinary proceedings, administrative delicts, in cases of service relationships and in hearings of administrative infractions / Legal representation in proceedings about compensatory damages caused when executing public authority due to a wrong decision or faulty administration / Deposits and property management / Authentication of signatures on documents / Participation in crisis communications and media representation / Comprehensive legal service for start-ups


Banking, Finance, and Cybercurrency / Design, Fashion, Architecture / Energy, Distribution and Infrastructure / IT, Technology and Telecommunications / Culture and Art / Defensive and Security Industry / Construction and Mining Industry / Manufacturing, Services, Retail and Tourism / Health Care, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Life Sciences / Environment and Agriculture


The price of our services is always set with regard to the individual specifics of each case.