Popper Contemporary

Art and Law Society

Popper Contemporary has been established by Suchanová Mečl Legal as a subsidiary activity in support of contemporary art. 



We firmly believe that the role and presence of art are essential to the well-being of society.  For this reason, we have decided to invest a portion of our efforts into the establishment of a company which supports an environment and favorable conditions allowing for the creation, presentation, and trade of art. We intend to promote the education of art students in the field of law, so that they are sufficiently equipped to enter and excel in the market. We offer seminars, discussions and podcasts and also plan to focus on our gallery project and continuous support of artists.


This project is one of our platforms enabling the growth of commercial and non-commercial relations. It is an expression of social responsibility, an opportunity to share experience and opinions and to promote the awareness of contemporary art across a broader level of society.