JUDr. Stanislav Mečl

Partner / Attorney-at-law

Stanislav earned his master’s degree (Mgr.) at Charles University, Faculty of Law, where he went on to earn a doctoral degree (JUDr.). He is an attorney-at-law registered by the Czech Bar Association. He has worked as an attorney for Kinstellar, where he also developed praxis in White Collar Crime. He founded the Mečl Legal law office, where several attorneys have been employed over a span of three years. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a prosecuting attorney in the District Public Prosecutor’s Office Plzeň-South. Later he moved to the Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office in Plzeň. He also worked for the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Praha and the Prosecutor General’s Office in Brno where, among other positions, he was the Head of the Unit of Corruption and Protection of EU Interests. Additionally, he was a prosecuting attorney for the AFCOS network and for EUROJUST. He has held supreme judicial positions, has lead the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Praha and became Deputy to the Prosecutor General. He was a member of the advisory body to Deputy Prime Minister Karolina Peak, Minister of Justice Helena Válková, and Minister of Justice Robert Pelikán. Dr. Mečl is currently a member of the Committee for New Criminal Procedures. He is also a member of the Union of Defenders of the Czech Republic and a member of the Church Law Society. He occasionally lectures in criminal law at Charles University, Faculty of Law. He is the co-author of the book “Compliance in Business Practice and Criminal Liability of Legal Entities – Five Years Later”.


He specializes in criminal law, business and financial criminality, criminal liability of legal entities, Compliance and Internal Investigation.